Cloud services only from certified vendors

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The Conference of Data Protection Officer of the Federal and State Governments announced in its recent resolution, committing himself to the “guarantee of human rights in the electronic communication”. Among other privacy advocates want to enforce that cloud computing is restricted to trusted provider of certified information security when personal data is concerned.
According to the resolution of the data protection should only cloud service providers are contracted to process personal data that can prove their trustworthiness in terms of information security and the legal framework. In addition a certified information security management are necessary secure encryption of the data processed is to ensure at their transfer into and out of the cloud and the subcontracting must be controlled by the client. Independent auditors should examine and certify the level of protection of these services. Global Access has been certified since 2007 according to ISO 27001. This cloud services have always been subject to certification. Global Access provides a synchronous data storage in two Tier III data centers. Among the employed security technologies include firewall, virus protection, encryption, integrity protection and replication of the managed systems. Thus, for many years met Global Access the requirements that will make the data protection officer of the federal and state governments now a condition for the processing of personal data by cloud providers. The full text of the resolution of the Conference of Data Protection Commissioners can be found here. Do you have questions about our cloud services? We look forward to your contact.

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