Keep Your Data. Always.

Without a proper backup system, you’re simply tempting fate. And it’s not enough to store backup tapes in the basement or in your on-site repository. To ensure you never lose anything, you should have 3 copies of your data in 2 different media formats with 1 copy stored off-site. We help you with that last part using Veeam Cloud Connect, the industry leader in backup technologies.

Global Backup weaves together seamlessly with additional IaaS and Cloud Storage services—especially Disaster Recovery.

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The first part you have

You have your virtual machines that are already storing data in a primary backup repository. You might even have a separate type of media for your backup, but it’s still on the same site! All it takes is a fire or a flood to wipe out everything.

The second part we handle

We host an off-site copy of your data in one of our world-class data centers in Germany, the world leader in data security. You access your data through a secure SSL connection and need not purchase any additional Veeam license.

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Visibility &

The Global Backup console is easy to install and even easier to use. It lets you not only access and recover your data instantly, but also track your cloud repository consumption and receive automatic renewal reminders.

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Modern Backup

Using Veeam’s first-class technology, we incorporate many services into one backup product: backup copy jobs with built-in WAN acceleration (with Veeam Enterprise Plus), forever incremental backups, GFS (grandfather-father-son) retention policies and more.

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Global Backup lets you encrypt your data on-site (before leaving your network perimeter). Encryption works in flight or at rest, without impeding WAN acceleration or built-in data reduction ratios.

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Receive your target URL, username & password from Global Access.

Global Access als Provider


Add Global Access as your service provider in Veeam.

Backup in die Cloud beginnen


Start backing up your data in our ultra-secure repository.

Backup + Disaster Recovery

Global Backup ensures that you never lose data by creating recovery points at fixed intervals. But what about downtime? What about those mission-critical apps that must stay online at all times? The most watertight business continuity plan combines Global Backup with Global Disaster Recovery, eliminating the risks of both data loss and downtime.

Combine Global Backup with Disaster Recovery

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