The legal requirements put on companies to be capable of acting even in emergencies are constantly growing. In particular, they must be able to guarantee that access to business-critical data is possible at any time. In the case of serious negligence of these principles, managing directors or board members can be held liable, even with their private assets.

In order to prevent these types of damages, Global Access has prepared Business Continuity Strategies for a highly diverse range of scenarios. Our data center technology and our management can help you guarantee the continuation of your business activities, even under crisis conditions.

Together with hand-picked partners, we support your company in the conceptualisation of an emergency plan culminating in its technical realisation. In this way, business continuity management in and with Global Access’ data centers will make you and your company prepared for truly every eventuality.

Global Access Rechenzentrum Datacenter

With a Business Continuity strategy from Global Access, you can keep calm even in the case of an IT emergency. Let’s work on this together!

Function of the Data Center for Business Continuity

Data centers are a significant component of modern Business Continuity Strategies. If your company’s IT is interrupted by any one of a range of influences (for example hacker attacks, power loss, water damage, storms or earthquakes), a data center can offer many alternatives.

In an emergency, business data can be replicated in one or several data centers. If copies and/or data backups are already at hand in data centers (see our Elastic Cloud Storage), these data can be immediately further processed. At Global Access, redundant structures in two data centers ensure additionally that the High Availability of your data is guaranteed.

Through the high IT security measures and optimal data protection conditions, a data center is additionally the ideal working place to react to crisis situations and for example to test and repair your IT systems in in simple-to-set-up virtual environments.

Business Continuity with Global Access

At Global Access, we have developed various Business Continuity Concepts, which we have regularly checked by external ISO 27001 auditors. We’d be pleased to develop emergency plans and measures for your company as well:

  • Together we identify the processes in your company which are critical for your company to function.
  • We then develop individual strategies for emergency situations which can guarantee the Business Continuity for your company.
  • In serious cases, we offer data replication in our data centers as well as preventative alternative data storage.
  • We’re also happy to provide emergency working spaces and offer your employees emergency training.

With the support of a Global Access Data Center, you can effectively manage various IT emergency scenarios. We’ll gladly simulate them with you within a protected environment!

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