The Cloud Provider Next Door

We are also a Mittelstand

We are not a huge multinational corporation. We are like you. We like to work with companies like yours because we have similar challenges. Don’t be afraid you are too small for us, let’s talk.

We know our customers

You will never be just a number in a system. The same people who build your environment are the ones doing the support. They know your name and you know theirs. And they know your business.

Partner of IT Systemhouses

We often partner with IT Systemhouses to help them succeed in the cloud business. We form long-term relationships to make business together and we care so that there isn’t any conflict of interest.

How does the Enterprise Advanced Cloud work?

Automatische Einrichtung der VM in beiden Rechenzentren

Automatic Deployment to two Data Centers

Synchronisation der Daten in Echtzeit

Automatic Real-Time Data Synchronisation

Automatischer Neustart der VM im anderen Rechenzentrum bei Problemen

Automatic Disaster Recovery Included

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Why Global Access is the Right Partner for Your Company?

Hochsichere IT-Infrastruktur


The highest IT security in the double-certified cloud.
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Compliance with German and European data protection laws

All Data in Germany

No data centers in the U.S. — guaranteed NSA-free

With our flexible pricing you pay only what you use


We conform to the EU General Data Protection Regulation

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