The Cloud for Enterprise Software

You want to virtualise your infrastructure, but your software isn’t ready for the cloud?

Enterprise Advanced Cloud is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution that enables ‘classic software’, which was not designed for the cloud, to provide the highest availability on the market.

What are the benefits of Enterprise Advanced Cloud?

In our Enterprise Advanced Cloud is a 100% produtction IaaS

100% production IaaS

Our customers earn money with their servers. Therefore, all software in our cloud function at 100% in productive environments – and not only for development or testing. We also actively help our customers outsource their business processes in the cloud.

Enterprise Advanced Cloud means no data loss even if one data center collapses

No data loss

The moment you create your virtual machine in our cloud, your data are synchronised and replicated in two data centers in real time. This means your data will not be lost, even if one of the data centers has an outage. This even works if your classic software can’t handle the replication itself.

Enterprise Advanced Cloud means no down time of your service due to replication at two data centers

No down time

In case of any infrastructure failure at one location, your VMs will automatically resume running at another.  Therefore you will experience virtually no downtime.

How does the Enterprise Advanced Cloud work?

Automatische Einrichtung der VM in beiden Rechenzentren

Automatic Deployment to two Data Centers

Synchronisation der Daten in Echtzeit

Automatic Real-Time Data Synchronisation

Automatischer Neustart der VM im anderen Rechenzentrum bei Problemen

Automatic Disaster Recovery Included

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Why Global Access is the Right Partner for Your Company?

Hochsichere IT-Infrastruktur


The highest IT security in the double-certified cloud.
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Compliance with German and European data protection laws

All Data in Germany

No data centers in the U.S. — guaranteed NSA-free

With our flexible pricing you pay only what you use


We conform to the EU General Data Protection Regulation

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