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Success in IT – for more than 20 years

Global Access Internet Services GmbH is one of the leading cloud service providers in the field of data security with its headquarters in Germany. We have been working together with many Fortune 500 companies and worldwide prominent IT providers since 1996.

Our services provide you with optimal solutions in the field of cloud computing and data security. So, you can concentrate on that which is really important to you – the growth of your company!

Global Access CEO Manfred Kessler

Manfred Kessler


Our guarantee

Global Access was the first provider with certified cloud security according to the German BSI baseline protection standard, the highest standard worldwide. Our information security management system is certified according to both ISO 27001 (native) and ISO 27001 on the basis of IT baseline protection.

Our sites are located exclusively in Germany, ensuring that the data of our clients is secure against attacks from security organizations and governmental agencies across the globe, including the NSA. We hold compliance to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and German data protection law in the highest regards.

BSI-Grundschutz-Zertifikat von Global Access

ISO 27001 Zertifikat von Global Access

ISO 9001 Zertifikat von Global Access

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Our team

We owe the success of Global Access to the decades of entrepreneurial and legal experience of our founder and shareholder Klaus Foitzick and our shareholder and CEO Manfred Kessler. They have an inborn understanding for the essentials of data business – security, reliability, and bottom-up engineering.

Our product spectrum has grown alongside of the competencies of our international team. On average, team members stay with our company for seven years – clear evidence to our entrepreneurial consistency and innovative direction. We love what we do, and we love the people we work with. So, collaboration and customer focus meld to create a consistent growth in our company which contributes to global growth within the market.

Global Access Manfred Kessler

Manfred Kessler

Irek Jozwiak

Irek Jozwiak
Business Development

Mitarbeiter Global Access

Head of IT

Tanja Uhl Global Access

Tanja Uhl
Head of Core Services & Human Resources

Carina Mitarbeiter Global Access

CARINA Papillion
Inside Sales

Michael Riepl Global Access

Michael Riepl
Sales Account Manager

Tobias Braun Global Access

Tobias Braun
IP & Peering Manager

Pavlo Mitarbeiter Global Access

Pavlo Kerestey
Software Engineer

Oliver Quosdorf Global Access

Oliver Quosdorf
System Engineer

Martin Fischer Global Access

Martin Fischer
Data Center and Project Manager

Mitarbeiter Global Access

Claudia Forster

Mitarbeiter Global Access

John Meyer

Markus Kranz Mitarbeiter Global Access

Markus Kranz
System Engineer

Manuel Wall Global Access

Manuel Wall
System Engineer

Alejandro Alvarez Global Access

Alejandro Alvarez
Lead Designer

Mitarbeiter Global Access

Hannah Burghardt
Apprentice System Engineer

Mitarbeiter Global Access

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Reference Customers

We could count 100% on Global Access since the beginning. The reliability and flexibility which they offer are their greatest assets.

Wolfgang Hofner, EDV-Leiter der WEKA Mediengruppe

Directly from the beginning we liked that Global Access informed us about the possibilites and the advantages / disadvantages of several concepts.

Jörg Knippschild, Technical Sales Manager von Adobe

Global Access has both competent and friendly employees. They make sure to solve problems directly, regardless of if it was a service that we needed or when any problem came up.

Rolf-Gerik, SachsenFonds-EDV-Leiter

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