Selection of the Data Center

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When choosing a suitable data center for your company, you must consider numerous aspects. The practical checklist of Global Access helps you.

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Over 20 years experience with IT

The selection of the data center or the IT service provider is a challenge for many companies. After all, aspects of European data protection law must be taken into account as well as the certified data center security, state-of-the-art technology and customer service tailored to the company’s objectives.

To enable you to select a suitable data center, the experts at Global Access have put together the criteria that we have applied and tested over 20 years in the selection of the data center location and the data center operating company.

Procedures such as auditors

On the basis of our experience, a checklist with four major areas on different aspects of the selection of the data center emerged. You will find all the questions you should ask yourself and the data center provider. You will also find valuable background information and explanations on why certain questions need to be clarified.

Our approach is based on that of the auditors who test a data center according to ISO 27001 or BSI baseline protection (ISO 27001 based on IT baseline protection). Its important to note that even auditors adhere to the principal:

“Do not believe anything that cannot be verified by means of plausible evidence. Examine everything yourself, and have everything shown to you”.

Free checklist to download

Please leave us some data about your company. We will provide you with the desired checklist for the selection of a data center as a PDF immediately!

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