Data Center

Double Colocation. Maximum Availability.

The colocation services of Global Access offer the highest availability in Germany. Our two data centers are located 10 km apart in Munich and connected by our own fiber-optic, IP and MPLS backbone. We support you in designing your IT environment however you like—from reserving a few simple 19” racks to building a private suite.

With big-name data centers, you’re a jot on a spreadsheet. With Global, you’re a partner.

Höchste Verfügbarkeit im Global Rechenzentrum

Highest Availability

We offer a few ways to duplicate your data for business continuity. The do-it-yourself option is to connect your own redundant sets of servers in our two data centers. We’re happy to support you with our expertise in redundant connectivity. A simpler and far more economical approach is to use our IaaS and let us manage your data redundancy for you.

Datensicherheit im Global Rechenzentrum

Security & Compliance

Our two data centers are certified to the highest standards worldwide—ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and BSI Baseline Protection. The racks in our data centers are protected by at least five levels of security along with early-detection fire alarms, ultra-secure electrical and cooling supplies, and a comprehensive surveillance system.

Global Rechenzentrum mit kW-Pool

kW Pool

We offer kW pooling if you reserve two racks or more, letting you distribute your booked load however you wish. kW Pooling combines well with our hybrid billing model to make sure you only pay for what you use. With this model, we treat all customers as suite customers.

Energieversorgung und Kühlung in den Rechenzentren

Energy & Cooling

We guarantee secure and stable power and cooling, even in the event of a power outage. Our regular energy supply is 100% green from Bavaria, backed up by a diesel-driven emergency generator.

Check out our Eco-Electricity Certificate!

Netzwerkanbindung der Rechenzentren

Network & Cabling

Our network connections are built with top technologies: fiber-optic cable, active Layer 7 core switches, full-route Internet and two independent backbones. You’ll also find a broad range of major Internet carriers available on-site.

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