Companies today must be extremely flexible and simultaneously satisfy international standards. So that you can you can face this competition pressure with ease, Global Access’ data centers support you in colocation through a combination of flexibility and state-of-the-art technical standards.

In Global Access’ data centers, you can use the full range of colocation options. The accommodation and grid connection for your IT (also called server housing or server homing) is possible from standardised 19-inch racks to parking spaces for company-owned server cabinets to separate and additionally secured Private Suites for particularly sensitive data and IT.

In contrast to other data centers, colocation at Global Access is first and foremost focused on the needs of your business. We’re convinced that individual colocation measures are better than “one size fits all” solutions, since you can only be actively supported on your way to success when your IT in the data center is perfectly integrated into your value chains and business model.

Global Access Rechenzentrum Datacenter

We’re happy to help you design and implement a fitting solution for your company at a Global Access data center.

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