Through the digital transformation of the economy it is becoming more and more important that companies’ IT and data are accessible consistently and without downtime. An important basis for this is the secure power supply and cooling in the data center in which they are housed.

At Global Access, we set significantly higher requirements, in order to guarantee your company the best quality. Power supply and cooling in Global Access’ data centers are characterised above all by three features:

  • Through redundant structures and diesel-driven emergency power systems, we can guarantee the most secure and stable power supply and cooling, even in the event of a power outage.
  • Through optimal use of technology we ensure the highest efficiency and therefore more economical energy use.
  • Through our use of 100% green electricity, we’re able to organise the use and supply of information technology in an environmentally friendly way. The use of renewable energy sources does not just include the general electrical needs of the building and the terminals, but also the cooling (read our Eco-Electricity-Certificate).

The exact technical specifications about power supply and cooling in Global Access’ data centers is available in the table further down this page.

Rely on us for security and environmental protection at the same time. We’ll gladly explain to you everything clean IT energy can do!

Technical Details: Energy Supply and Cooling in the Global Access Data Centers

Data Center Munich East
Data Center Munich North
Data Center class Tier 3
Green IT supply Yes, electricity from German wind and hydroelectric power plants
Quantity supply substations 1 2
Power system (RPS) Yes, diesel
Secure energy supply Redundant UPS with automatic transfer to NEA; capacity of at least 30 minutes before using NEA; NEA grants full load operation after two minutes.
Number of power systems 2
NEA fuel supply Diesel fuel storage for at least 48 hours;
supply contracts with fuel suppliers, refill service: 4 hours
NEA maximum load 2 x 1600 kVA 2 x 880 kVA
NEA test Once per month against load resistance with an annual black-building test
Energy distribution Up to 2 x 4 PDUs 2 PDUs per rack
Power supply path From underfloor
Cooling Multiple redundant cooling units

Energy costs can can make corporate IT quite expensive. You should take advantage of our energy-efficient Data Centers instead!

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