Elastic Cloud Storage

Scalable. Flexible. Secure.

Global Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) gives you an infinitely scalable platform to store, access and analyze masses of structured and unstructured data. Compared to building your own storage system, Global ECS is dramatically less expensive and time consuming.

Built on EMC2 racks, Global ECS outdoes Amazon S3 and Google Storage in both durability and price—not to mention it’s backed by the German engineering and security of Global Access.

Scalability of Elastic Cloud Storage


Global ECS gives you a central cloud repository for limitless amounts of data generated anywhere in the world. The more you need, the more you get—without breaking your budget or wrestling with finicky hardware.

Elastic features of Global Cloud Storage


Define your suite of services without wasting time communicating across protocols. And whether you’re using Horton, Pivotal, Cloudera or any other big data software, we provide all storage and edge nodes without extra costs.

Security of Elastic Cloud Storage


All of your data is stored on German soil—which means it’s out of bounds for the NSA and other threats. Global ECS also lets you encrypt your data and centrally set up, manage and maintain all encryption policies yourself.

EMC2 Racks

Global ECS is run on EMC2 hardware. Ask your CTO about it—EMC2 is undoubtedly the best in class for durability and scalability. These sturdy racks form the backbone of our additional cloud storage services: Global Backup and Global Disaster Recovery.

Global Cloud Storage at EMC racks

Big Data Analytics with Elastic Cloud Storage

Big Data Analytics

When working with big data, the main hurdle is unlocking business intelligence quickly. Global ECS lets you analyze all of your structured or unstructured object data using HDFS. No matter what protocol you use to upload and sync your data, you can use HDFS as an access protocol without any ETL process.

Long-term archiving with Global Cloud Storage

Long-Term Archiving

Magnetic tapes are still the go-to archiving solution, but no one really likes them. The tapes are cheap, but how do you store them safely? And how much time will you waste finding a handful of bits in your sea of reels? With Global ECS, you simply drop your data in a folder, where it’s protected by WORM and can be restored with one click.

Services run on
Global Elastic Cloud Storage

Cloud Backup

Global Backup

Secure your data in our Cloud using Veeam Cloud Connect.

Disaster Recovery

Global Disaster Recovery

Ensure data availability, even amid a site-wide disaster.

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