Disaster Recovery

Replicate Your Data in Real Time.

Even if you’re a skeptic of the Cloud, there’s no doubt when it comes to disaster recovery. Global Disaster Recovery (DR) uses Veeam to replicate your data in real time and lets you perform a full- or partial-site failover to the Global Cloud with a few clicks.

Even if your whole office burns down—servers and all—your team can set up their coffee-shop workstations and your customers won’t notice a thing.

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Global Disaster Recovery and competitive edge

Competitive Edge

Global DR is by far the most cost-effective way to guarantee business continuity. The price tag has been shown to be half that of an in-house solution—not to mention the dramatically reduced downtime that the Cloud ensures.*

Global DR with highest data security

Data Security

With Global DR, your data never leaves Germany. We are the first Cloud in the world certified to the German BSI standards, the most rigorous worldwide. With us, your data remains out of reach for the NSA or any other threats.

Global possesses long experience with Disaster Recovery

Expertise in DR

Disaster recovery requires a great amount of competence. After all, it means complete duplication of your entire IT infrastructure in real time. With Global DR, we lend you our expertise, developed over 20+ years in the IT business.

So funktioniert Global Disaster Recovery

  • Efficient, image-based VM replication delivering disaster recovery in seconds to minutes (RTPOs < 15 minutes)
  • CPU, RAM, storage and networking all provided by the Global Cloud
  • Single-port connectivity via a secure TLS/SSL connection to the Global Cloud
  • Traffic-reduction technologies, including replica seeding and built-in WAN acceleration (with Veeam Enterprise Plus)

Granular control at Disaster Recovery

Granular Control

With a few clicks from anywhere, Global DR lets you perform a failover for selected virtual machines or for your entire site. Once the dust settles, restore normal operations just as easily.

But Global DR isn’t only about failover—it can also help with day-to-day ops. For example, if you’re low on resources, you can pass your VMs over to Global for a few hours while you expand resources on site.

Global Cloud Backup

Global DR + Global Backup

You may think backup no longer matters if you have Global DR. But preventing downtime is not the same as preventing data loss. If you make an overwrite mistake, DR will replicate that too—it can’t protect you from yourself!

Only using Global Backup can you also create restore points at fixed intervals to make sure your data is always recoverable. So for a complete data security strategy, combine Global DR with Global Backup.

* Based on a 3-year cost calculation for a minimum of 2 TB of stored data: “Disaster Recovery as a Service: Crunching the Numbers”, Windstream Hosted Solutions.

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